Alford is a proud member of Open Morris, and 30 years on has awarded itself the sobriquet of “The World Famous Alford Morris” – which is possibly a misread for “Wold Famous”, as we trade primarily on the southern slopes of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

We meet at Alford’s busy Half Moon Inn on West Street to practice every Sunday night throughout the year at about 8:30pm, and we dance Cotswold and a bit of Border. We used to do Mumming and Longsword a bit, and may again.

We are particularly proud to be a non-discriminatory side, encouraging membership across an inclusive range of genders (six at the last count) races (including Goodwood and Silverstone) and ages. Lack of ability, mobility or musical talent is no bar.

If you are thinking of joining please ring the Bagman or Squire. Details can be found on the contact page via the menu above.